Praise and Worship is an essential part of the life of a Believer. It helps us connect with our Father and serves to remind us to foster an active relationship with Him. He is not a “far off” being that we can never understand, rather, an “up close and personal” Savior who is to be revered and praised.

In our worship, we strive for excellence:

  • In Heart/Spirit – we choose to worship Him from a position of forgiveness and humility, not of arrogance, pride, or showmanship
  • In Obedience – we choose to exalt Him in Spirit and Truth with lifted voices and hands even when we don’t “feel” like it. He always deserves our thanks and praise.
  • In Musicality – we choose to produce technically excellent music to the best of our ability and yet believe that the Spirit moves through imperfect vessels in order to glorify, praise, and honor the Father
  • In Lifestyle – we choose to praise Him from the standpoint of a pure and holy walk. Our worship services are a direct reflection of our time spent with Him
Join us at Tree of Life Church for a vibrant and relevant worship services!
We are confident it will have a lasting impact on you and your family!
If you are interested in joining the worship team or have any questions or comments, please contact Gregg Barnes at  worship@treeolifeaustin.org.
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