Praise and Worship is an essential part of the life of a Believer. It helps us connect with our Father and serves to remind us to foster an active relationship with Him. He is not a “far off” being that we can never understand, rather, an “up close and personal” Savior who is to be revered and praised.

In our worship, we strive for excellence:

Join us at Tree of Life Church for a vibrant and relevant worship services!

We are confident it will have a lasting impact on you and your family!

Join us for a dynamic night of worship. On the first Wednesday of every month, all of our classes come together for a special night of worship. The Nursery and Preschool will be open for little ones.
If you are interested in joining the worship team or have any questions or comments, please contact Gregg Barnes at  worship@treeolifeaustin.org.